Top 5 Tuesday - March 21

Shell rules out more ambitious goal for end-user emissions
By Ron Bousso and Shadia Nasralla, Reuters, March 19, 2023

Shell has ruled out setting targets to cut emissions in absolute terms from customers' use of its products[.]

The rejection of the tougher emission reduction targets comes after Shell's new chief executive, Wael Sawan, signalled this month that the company was reviewing plans for a gradual reduction to oil output.

Where Is the Fast Fashion Backlash?
By Zahra Hirji, Bloomberg, March 15, 2023

But people don’t always shop their values. For all the talk about shifting shopping patterns, there is no clear quantitative evidence of any demographic ditching fast fashion en masse — not even environmentally conscious Gen Z. That leaves retailers whose business model relies on fast fashion to size up the threat against it in their annual reports, sustainability reports and climate disclosures, where little consensus exists. It’s clear that shopping habits could change, but no one is sure how, when or if a more climate-conscious consumer will be good or bad for business.

These Small- and Medium-Sized States Punch Above Their Weight in Renewable Energy Generation
By Dan Gearino, Inside Climate News, March 16, 2023

Iowa generated 806.7 megawatt-hours per square mile in 2022 from wind and solar, most of which was from wind, based on data from the Energy Information Administration.

Rhode Island was next with 626.7 megawatt-hours per square mile, most of which was from solar.


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