A Message to Young Energy Professionals

I hope you are as proud as I am to be part of the future of energy in our world.

The hats we wear, and the titles we have will change throughout our careers, but our pride, passion, and commitment to our industry is steadfast.

We owe this to our predecessors. The men and women that created the tools, infrastructure, processes, and enterprises that we now employ.

The energy industry is constantly evolving, and sprawling in countless different directions at any given time. Like most other industries, it always has, and always will be, marked by change. Innovation and invention in the energy industry are not only necessary to keep up with the rapid pace of technological advancement across all industries, and a growing consumer population worldwide, but also crucial for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our precious resources. In this pivotal era of transition fuels, microgrids, net-zero initiatives, and an ever-increasing energy demand, it is important to take a pragmatic look at how we develop our resources, and ask ourselves:

As a young professional in the energy industry, what should we be prepared for?

What does the future of fossil fuel development look like, and how can we contribute to its growth and evolution?

How are we developing resource paths that compliment and integrate with current infrastructure and industry standards?

This industry, and all of its rewards, responsibilities, and challenges will one day belong to our generation, and the same pioneering spirit that cultivated it, will be the key to its future.

At Velocity, we hope to encourage and promote that spirit in the future leaders of our industry.

Thank you for taking the time to read our articles, participating in our events and sessions, and for all of your kindness and support.

We look forward to an incredibly bright future for our industry, while keeping the world running!

Very Respectfully,

Rysen Shirzadi


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