Top 4 Tuesday: May 2

The Supreme Court's next climate fight

By Ben Geman, Axios, May 2, 2023

The big picture: Curtailing "Chevron" could be a one-two punch with last year's ruling, said Michael Burger, executive director of Columbia University's Sabin Center for Climate Change Law.

  • "It's possible that the court majority could come away from this case with a further ratcheting down of the discretion that has long been afforded to agencies to pursue their missions, and write regulations that achieve broad societal goals," Burger told Axios.

COP28 President Al Jaber Calls for End of ‘Fossil Fuel Emissions’

By Petra Sarge, Bloomberg Green, May 2, 2023

Al Jaber said the UAE “will encourage smart government regulation to jump start the hydrogen value chain and make carbon capture commercially viable.” While the technologies are needed to mitigate emissions from hard-to-abate sectors, their deployment globally is currently far from the scale needed to cut emissions quickly enough to avoid the worst impacts of global warming.

How quickly can trucking decarbonize? California is about to find out

By Jeff St. John, Canary Media, May 1, 2023

Getting polluting commercial trucks off the road is a climate, health and equity imperative. These trucks make up 7 percent of vehicles but are responsible for more than a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions and more than half of the smog-forming nitrogen oxides and health-harming fine-particulate pollution from vehicles, Sam Wilson, senior vehicles analyst at the Union for Concerned Scientists, noted in an April blog post.

But the new rules will be hard to meet.

Editor’s note: Velocity AK and Velocity Truck Rental & Leasing are not affiliated, but we are excited to share a name with a company that is innovating in such an important space!

Climate Adaptation & Supply Chains: Everstream Analytics’ AI Solution

Climate Rising, April 26, 2023


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