A Look Inside: Skis

🔎 A Look Inside: Skis 🎿

Not to take away from companies making ski waxes from plants, the slopes are littered with examples of petroleum and mining products. Many ski and snowboard waxes are made from three types of hydrocarbons (petroleum products): paraffin, microcrystalline, and synthetic waxes. Modern skis are made mostly of fiberglass, carbon fibers, or epoxy. The base of the ski is usually made of polyethylene. All of these are petroleum products. The core of a ski may contain wood or aluminum (among other things) and some skis have steel edges, so don’t forget mined materials as well!

If you hit the slopes anytime soon, make sure you say thank you to a resource industry employee for getting your shred on!!

Wanna daydream about hitting the slopes, check out how this small Colorado shop makes their skis in house:

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