Top 4 Friday - Sept. 23

Nuclear power is our best hope to ditch fossil fuels
Isabelle Boemelen, TED2022

ISODOPE might have just become our new favorite influencer. Mascot?

Manchin’s New Bill Could Lead to One Big Climate Win
By Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic, Sept. 21, 2022

“Even if the grid was holding up fine, though, we would still need more lines. We need to electrify most of the economy in order to eliminate carbon pollution; by 2050, the country must build new transmission lines at twice the pace it does today, according to Princeton’s Net-Zero America report.

But we aren’t doing that. Not even close. America has somehow slowed down its rate of new transmission construction over the past decade; last year, the U.S. built only 386 miles of new transmission capacity.”

The Climate Pledge Turns Three And Calls For Action At Climate Week NYC
By Carolina Milanesi, Forbes, Sept 22, 2022

“Three years into the effort, focusing on action rather than reporting is not just good; it is expected. Focusing on impact has several positives, other than the obvious one of moving us closer to a healthier planet. It raises the interest of other companies that are considering joining and gets the public sector's attention leading to fruitful collaborations in some of the projects The Climate Pledge is undertaking across several cities in the world. "One of the things that we try really hard to do with The Climate Pledge and one of the things that differentiates us from other groups with similar goals is that we try to be a place where the good work is highlighted so others can follow suit," says Fouts.”

Axios AM, September 23, 2022
By Mike Allen

Some really interesting info about a potential ousting of the leader of the World Bank and a power crisis in Puerto Rico. Climate impacts abound.


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