Reading Roundup - March 5, 2024

Over 20 Alaska villages on tap for $125M in federal funds for solar and hydroelectric projects

By Alex DeMarban, ADN, Feb. 27, 2024

Northwest Alaska’s villages received federal funds from the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for solar and hydroelectric projects. 10 villages will install new solar and battery storage systems, while three others will receive money for hydroelectric projects. These projects will help offset diesel usage, providing cost savings benefits.

Your definitive guide to understanding hydrogen

By Cat Clifford, Cipher, Feb. 28, 2024

Hydrogen has been making quite the comeback in the world of innovative energy tech, but it’s been around for longer than most people realize. Hydrogen is typically used in industrial processes for iron, steel, and ammonia production, and in its liquid form for rocket fuel or propellent for nuclear powered rockets (no big deal). It’s now being looked at as an awesome solution for decarbonizing cargo shipping and long-haul trucking thanks to its energy density, as well as long-duration energy storage. The colorless gas is poised to be a game-changer in decarbonizing key industries in our economy.

Check out this Hydrogen 101 Fact Sheet from Great Plains Institute!

Source: Rhodium Group

Plant Vogtle unit 4 generates electricity

By Jason Mealey, News 4 Jax, Mar. 1, 2024

Georgia Power, co-owner of the Plant Vogtle nuclear power plant, has announced that their newest reactor has started generating electricity. On February 14, operators started the nuclear reaction inside Plant Vogtle 4, which generated nuclear heat to produce steam. The reactor will enter into commercial use for Georgia Power customers once startup testing is passed successfully.

Vogtle Units 3 & 4 layout, Courtesy of Georgia Power

New grant could revolutionize home heating and power generation for Northwest Alaska

By Nat Herz, The Northern Journal, Mar. 1, 2024

Another take on the exciting investment in Northwest Alaska’s energy generation: Thanks to a recently-awarded grant of $50 million from the Biden Administration, over 4 MW of solar PV, over 7.1 MWh of battery storage systems, and approximately 850 heat pumps will be installed across the Northwest Arctic region. This project will replace the 10-mile distribution tie-line between Kobuk and Shungnak and reduce the cost of heating homes throughout the region. 

Carbon capture: progress that’s getting the industry buzzing

By Kit Million Ross, Offshore Technology Focus, March, 2024

Around the world, and specifically in Alaska due to policy movement in the Alaska legislature, carbon capture is getting press from every angle and progress is being made. The White House announced last year that two carbon capture task forces to streamline CCUS project permitting were being established, and public acceptance of CCUS is becoming more widespread. Companies and major industries are realizing they all have a part to play in the path to decarbonization, drawing more interest toward implementing CCUS into operations. Additionally, emerging tech is proving that there may not be a limit to how much CO2 can be captured by using CCUS technologies. We look forward to keeping tabs on further advancements this year in the carbon capture space.


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