A Look Inside: Kayaks

A Look Inside: Kayaks

Okay okay. We know. Not every kayak is plastic, but a majority of them are— wether thermoformed, rotomolded, composite, or inflatable, all of these kayak types are composed mostly of petroleum products. Heck, even wood kayaks are usually covered in varnish or fiberglass!
The same goes for other water toys, such as inflatable (towable) tubes and stand up paddle boards. And don’t even get us started on boats!

To give an idea of how wild this process is (just wait til you see the oven it takes to cook a kayak), check out this nearly vintage episode of How It's Made:

So the next time you are out paddling around, remember that many of your aquatic adventures are made possible by petroleum.

Don’t have the dough to splurge on a kayak? Maybe you can try making one of these “redneck” versions— also made with from a favorite petroleum product: PVC pipe. BUILD IT: https://bit.ly/3e92UNu


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