Top 5 Friday – July 15

1. Politico Energy Podcast, "How natural gas is shedding its climate pariah status"

"The Russian war in Ukraine has forced global leaders to rethink their anti-natural gas stances. But that shift could cause richer countries to subvert the clean energy transition they’re targeting while also stoking tensions with developing countries over access to the fuel."

2. Environmental policy after EPA decision | The Carolina Journal by Elijah Gullett, leader of the American Conservation Coalition Triangle branch

A controversial take, maybe. But worth thinking about. "The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-3 against the Environmental Protection Agency’s attempts to regulate emissions and require states to shift to clean energy sources from existing power plants. Environmentalists fear this harm to their cause, but it should be seen as an opportunity."

3. Electronic nose closer to detecting multiple toxic gases simultaneously, by staff at

“The detection of gases is of critical importance to various fields, including pollution monitoring, public safety assurance and personal health care,” Huanyu ‘Larry’ Cheng, one of the authors of the study, said in a media statement.

“To fill these needs, sensing devices must be small, lightweight, inexpensive and easy to use and apply to various environments and substrates, such as clothing or piping.”

4. We need to talk about permafrost and its impact on the climate by Canary Media

Permafrost is going away, and that's bad. The Carbon Copy podcast tackles what decreasing permafrost means for our world.

5. We all need something to celebrate. Regardless of your political, environmental, activism or amount of social media use, take a moment to look at the images from the James Webb Space Telescope. They are incredible. Or read about it from NPR.


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