Top 5 Friday - September 30

1. We’re all in.
States get final OK to build highway EV charging network
By Hope Yen, AP, September 27, 2022

All 50 states received final approval Tuesday to begin construction on a first nationwide network of EV charging stations that places one roughly every 50 miles (80 kilometers) along interstate highways, part of the Biden administration’s plan to spur widespread adoption of zero-emission cars.

2. Because the IRA tax credits are helping right?
Is the Inflation Reduction Act a win for EVs and batteries? The complicated gymnastics of qualifying for the new federal EV and battery tax credits.
Catalyst Podcast with Shale Kahn

"Depending on which headlines you read, the Inflation Reduction Act will either hurt U.S. electric vehicle sales by replacing existing tax credits with new, more complicated incentives or spur the buildout of a North American battery supply chain and turbocharge EV sales. So which narrative is accurate?"

3. And now for a wild detour on the EV front. Please note that this is just a food-for though. There is much more to this conversation than what is presented here. Still worth thinking about thought.

For a deeper dive on what it means to buy and use an EV car vs a gas-powered car with age factored in via How to Save a Planet from Gimlet Media:

4. Researchers invent a new device to tap into the power of waves
By Prachi Patel, Anthropocene, September 22, 2022
"The team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing built a device that produces power by tapping into the buildup of charge when two different surfaces rub against each other. This phenomenon, called the triboelectric effect, is what causes static electricity. Researchers have used it to make solar cell coatings that generate electricity when rain or snow hit them."

5. And lastly, @atrembath’s “nuclearpunk” AI renderings are just a fun way to close out the week.