Top 5 Friday - Jan 27

1. To get off fossil fuels, America is going to need a lot more electricians
Emily Pontecorvo, Grist, Jan 11, 2023

Campbell wanted to upgrade the electrical panel on a duplex he owns in Oakland so that he could install electric vehicle chargers for the building’s tenants. But even after finding a company to take the job, a shortage of technicians and the contractor’s overbooked schedule, among other delays, meant it took eight months from the time the first electrician came over until the project was done.

Our take: if you want to “electrify everything,” better start investing in the right job training programs.

2. A small modular nuclear reactor just got US approval — a big milestone
Eric Wesoff, Canary Media, Jan 23, 2023

In a historic ruling, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission certified the design of NuScale’s 50-megawatt power module, the first small modular reactor and just the seventh reactor design ever approved for use in the U.S.

It’s a big moment: Utilities can now reference NuScale’s small modular reactor design when applying for a license to build and operate a reactor. NuScale and the Department of Energy spent more than a decade and hundreds of millions of dollars getting through this regulatory gate.

Our take: this might be bigger (albeit smaller) than fusion.

3. We’re not big on gender norms, but this is still funny.

4. WVa governor's family coal firm agrees to reclaim mines
CBS Pittsburgh, Jan 21, 2023

"It's critically important that every coal mine be fully reclaimed by the operator in order to ensure that local communities are not burdened with ongoing negative environmental impacts," said Judy Gayer, conservation and legal chair for the Sierra Club's Virginia chapter. "We're pleased that today's settlement will accelerate the reclamation of these three sites and benefit communities in Wise County."

Mine reclamation is the practice of restoring land ravaged by coal mining operations. In some instances the land is reclaimed for development, but often it's replanted with fresh vegetation and trees and restored to a more natural state.

Our take: Alaska does it best. In late 2021, Usibelli coal mine completed reclamation to standards that exceed the requirements of Alaska DNR. Do it right the first time around.

5. A big day for Hydrogen?


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