Reading Roundup 7/10-7/17

Utah geothermal project hits a milestone, pumping water through deep granite

By Tim Fitzpatrick, The Salt Lake Tribune, 7/7/23

Utah FORGE just had a massive breakthrough underground (pun intended). The researchers used fracking technology to push water into one well and successfully saw water come up through the second well. Utah FORGE is the underground field lab sponsored by the Department of Energy for developing, testing, and accelerating breakthroughs in Enhanced Geothermal Systems technologies (read more about this epic project here).

Ask an Expert: Nuclear’s World-Class Safety Standards

By Emma Derr, Nuclear Energy Institute, 5/13/22

John Koteck, Nuclear Energy Institute’s senior VP of policy development and public affairs, discusses the details on nuclear energy’s safety and reliability in all weather conditions.

Exxon To Advance Direct Air Capture With Its Own Pilot Project

By Dimana Doneva, Carbon Herald, 7/3/23

Exxon is working on a pilot direct air capture project in-house after ending a 3-year partnership with Global Thermostat, a carbon removal company. Exxon has called direct air capture the “holy grail” and one of the most promising developments for emissions reduction.

Major Corporations Scrap Carbon Offsets To Focus On Reductions

By Petya Trendafilova, Carbon Herald, 7/5/23

With many forest carbon offset companies under fire, companies are rethinking their climate strategies and moving toward cutting emissions at the source of their operations. Read more about how some companies are navigating these shifts.

Head of COP28 climate summit unveils detailed plan focused on emissions cuts

By Andrew Freedman, Axios Generate, 7/13/23

Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber, president designate of COP28 has been the center of controversy and conversation due to his position as head of state oil giant ADNOC. However, al-Jaber hopes to use his background in fossil fuels to his advantage and keep the need for oil & gas top of mind during the summit. We’ll be watching for more details on the agenda and the summit as a whole.

The many ways of removing carbon from the air

By Anca Gurzu, Cipher, 7/12/23

Carbon removal is a hot topic, for good reason. To reach net-zero emissions by 2050 (a goal set by over 130 countries) new solutions are emerging constantly to remove residual CO2 and reduce it from future operations. Explore some innovative options with Cipher.


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