Our Favorite Stories 2022

As the year comes to a close, we are taking a moment to reflect on some of our favorite stories of the year. Some of them topical to world events, while others are more widely applicable. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as we do!

  1. Geothermal: A sustainable solution for Alaska?
    Geothermal energy is widely used, but what are the perks and what are the barriers? And is Alaska looking to widely adopt it anytime soon?

    Follow up reading and a great infographic from ElementsA Visual Crash Course on Geothermal Energy
  2. Let's Build a Giant Copper Cube
    This year saw a rise in environmental activism. (See: Soup Activism is Not Activism and also Vox's Today, ExplainedThrowing Soup at Art). But what if the activism we did was monumental, awe inspiring, and a social phenomenon. Selfies encouraged.
  3. What is NIMBY?
    Often, NIMBY is used to talk about housing developments and urban sprawl. But the "Not In My Backyard" mentality also has a huge impact on resource development projects--and shipping them overseas.
  4. The Climate Impact of Meal Kits
    If you think that meal kits are more climate averse than regular grocery shopping, think again. The main factors: food waste and supply chain.


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