Top 5 Friday - December 16

1. The meme template that never gets old.

2. BP invests millions in company that supplies ‘rapidly deployable’ solar tech

By: Anmar Frangoul, CNBC, Dec 16, 2022

BP said it is investing 20 million Australian dollars ($13.53 million) in Australian renewable company 5B, which specializes in solar technology.
The energy major said the investment in 5B — made via its subsidiary BP Ventures — wrapped up a Series B funding round of 55 million Australian dollars that had been co-led by Artesian and the AES Corporation.

3. A King of the Hill fan theory (from @thegarbagequeen).

4. Chart: What’s the top source of electricity in your state?

Maria Virginia Olano, Canary Media, Dec 16, 2022

5. Sustainable Gift Guide: 30+ Eco-Friendly Gifts to Give Right Now

This is probably a bunch of malarky, but we were just curious to see which gifts were being marketed as "sustainable". Take special care to think about the materials and manufacturing that went into each.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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