Quick Note: The IRA and a Mining “Renaissance”

The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act included provisions intended to increase production of critical minerals domestically. With lithium, cobalt, graphite and rare earths readily available, some are rearing to go. Others caution that rules and regulation are required to ensure proper protection of our natural environments.

The wheels are already turning in Alaska, but it's sure to become a battle between pro- and anti-development types. Check out this feature from the Anchorage Daily News: New US climate law could lead to a mining ‘renaissance’ in Alaska, drawing excitement and concern.

Weighing the pros and cons of development such as mining is no small task. We should collectively be excited about the benefits (cleaner tech, electrify everything, etc), but careful about the processes. Too careful, though, and we might not meet the emission reduction targets we are reaching for. See: 'We don’t have enough' lithium globally to meet EV targets, mining CEO says
See also: What is a NIMBY?

The take home: reality bites. You have to have the material to build the thing. There has to be a point at which we all sit down and realize we want the same things–– responsibly produced resources and a better, more sustainable future.


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