Application Window Now Open for Velocity Board of Directors

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Application Deadline: May 15, 2024

Velocity is comprised of a dynamic group of Alaskan emerging leaders passionate about all forms of energy. Our organization aims to bring the community together through a conversation on our collective energy future and encouraging education & collaboration on a wide variety of energy topics.

Velocity is excited to be opening three positions on our Board of Directors. Board terms are one year, beginning in June 2024 and ending in June 2025. New board members will be voted on by the current Velocity at-large board members. Please note, the Velocity board is highly collaborative and supportive. New board members will be guided by veteran at-large board members and encouraged in new pursuits.



- Committed to the success of the Velocity, the president leads initiatives for the organization and drives future vision.

- Chairs organization.

- Serves as Velocity’s spokesperson as needed.

- Attends and encourages participation in Velocity events.

- Supported by energetic committee chairs and volunteers, the President remains informed about committee actions and efficiently allocates resources as necessary.

Example of tasks:

- Lead board meetings, ensuring efficient agenda management and facilitating productive discussions.

- Attend committee meetings as required, providing guidance and support to committee members and fostering collaboration across teams.

-Understand and promote the Velocity mission and values.

-Promote and maintain commitment to Velocity’s mission and its broader goals/impact.

Vice President


- Assists President with duties and tasks.

- Supports driving future vision and initiatives.

- Attends and encourages participation in Velocity events.

Example of tasks:

- Attend board meetings.

- Lead board meetings in President’s absence.

Sergeant at Arms


- Manage logistical tasks and keep order during board and committee meetings.

- Attends and encourages participation in Velocity events.

Example of tasks:

- Coordinate board & committee meeting locations and private rooms.

- Proof and distribute meeting agenda and minutes.

- Provide records and reminders for action items.

- Understand and maintain document management systems.

- Ensure committees are regularly engaging and reporting back to board.

Interested in becoming a Velocity board member?

Please submit an email with your statement of interest to Please include in your email the following information:

Full Name


Job Title

Professional Bio

A brief statement why you would like to serve and what strengths you would bring to Velocity as a young professional passionate about energy.

Explanation of past involvement in Velocity or other nonprofit organizations.


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