A Look Inside: Cosmetics

🔎 A Look Inside: Cosmetics 💄

Have you ever wondered about the petroleum products you use as you get ready for date night? 👄 No? Not surprising, but it's a real thing!

And although Gwenith Paltrow is on a crusade to convince you that everything in your home is going to kill you (you know she is an admitted smoker, yes?), all of these products go through FDA screening to ensure safety prior to use. And have been used for years. Here’s to you, petroleum jelly.

According to cosmeticsinfo.org (which we feel is fairly reputable based on its crosslinks to many regulatory organizations), petrochemicals are pervasive in many cosmetics. Lipstick, shampoo, fragrances–– they all have petroleum derivatives. One of the most popular is paraffin, which is a great binder for pigment in creams and lipsticks. Anytime you see the word parfum, that’s also probably a petroleum product (95% of the time, according to GP).

So next time you pop in to your local Sephora, take a deep breath, grab a basket, and say thank you to the oil supply chain that made you look stunning for date night. If you’re interested in walking through what is in your favorite morning routine, you can check out this awesome label reading guide by cosmeticsinfo.org: https://www.cosmeticsinfo.org/whats-in-my-products/

For a full list of what’s safe to use, you can check out the Cosmetic Ingredient Review’s site: https://www.cir-safety.org/cir-findings

And if you are more interested in crazy pseudoscience, but sure entertainment, you can buy GP’s book.


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